Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ash (and the ancient and noble art of the Yeah)

Watched Ash on Jools Holland (not literally on JH. It was footage of a great performance from last year rather than a pile on), which made me think how much fun it would be to be in that band. Tim can look out at an audience and think "All the girls love me and I write these great chunky pop songs and I 've got a Flying V. Charlotte can think "All the boys love me and I've got an SG." It must also be a comfot to her to know that I would. And indeed I would. Mark the bassist has got a Thunderbird and the Rick the Drummer no longer has a mohican. These are all good things.

Orpheus is a really good song with fine use of "Yeah Yeah Yeah". It is hard to go wrong with those 3 little words. The Yeah has been the English language's gift to pop with prime examples from the Beatles Group to Prince and Alphabet St. Obviously Mony Mony squeezes in more Yeahs and in fact I can't think of a more Yeahtastic song. (Theres about 12 of them between the lines "I said Yeah" and "You make me feel so". )

Ash though are skilled exponants of the Yeah and used it wisely in Oh Yeah (Oh yeah she was taking me over, Oh yeah it was the start of the summer) although if I build too much of a case for the line "Still in her school skirt and summer blouse" then I'm going to sound like a massive I'll stick to the yeahs.

Friday, July 01, 2005

We hold these truths to be self evident

My 5 year old was in the bath examining the contents of his scrotum. After a thorough investigation he looked up and asked "Are these my brains?". Well the answer is really both yes and no isn't it. The 50 % of the population who are baggage carriers are often accused of thinking with our dicks. I disagree. Don't think with it, but always get it's opinion and listen carefully to it's advice. Mind you George Melly said he was quite thankful when he lost his libido because he felt like he had spent his whole adult life chained to an idiot.

When my 9 year old was about 3, he once sat in front of the tv reciting over and over again "Cartoon animals talk, real animals don't talk"

I one heard a quote from Al Jorgenson along the lines of "A man with a great car does not need to be justified". I wouldn't quite go that far (but thanks to a car capable brother I do have a great car now) but I watched School Of Rock the other night, (didn't enjoy it quite as much as I expected to) and the line that really spoke to me was when he consoled one self doubting child with the lines ".....but you're in a rockin' band." Now the self belief and sheer righteousness of knowing that you're in a great band is a fine feeling. And I had it twice.

Last quote of the day is from Bootsy Collins when he was talking about Stevie Wonder. The reason why I like it is that it's simple and because you immediately understand the Bootsy world view. There can obviously (of course it's obvious) only be 2 kinds of people, funky and not funky. There is a however a sliding scale of funkiness. "Stevie Wonder?....Most funky."